Vision: A goal without a plan is a dream, while a vision is the ability to see the goal with a clear plan on how to achieve it. I am a leader with a vision. I want to work with city staff and our citizens to create a solid plan that helps Cape Coral thrive and offer the best opportunities to its citizens- from retirees, to families, to millennials and businesses.

Sustainability:  I will work hard to ensure Cape Coral is sustainable in the future and make our city a place where our children will ultimately want to come back to should they leave to pursue other opportunities. It is important to invest in our children now so they will come back and lead the community where they grew up.

Transparency: I want to help foster a culture of open government that engages the citizens of Cape Coral to improve the city’s services, promote innovation, and create a safe community, all while wisely managing public resources with a view toward achieving greater prosperity.